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Military research has produced a number of useful civilian spin-offs. Radar was developed during World War II to detect enemy planes (see Luftwaffe), but nearly every civilian airport uses radar to sort out incoming planes (see air traffic control). The Internet actually began as a research project to maintain communications after a scenario of devastating destruction to infrastructure (i.e., phone lines destroyed). Even the ICD-9 codes used to classify medical diagnoses came out of military research.

  • The diagnostic system was created by the military for the purpose of research. It was later adopted by the insurance industry as a method of coding "disorders" for their purposes. A diagnosis is not required to treat a mental health issue and many practitioners refuse to make diagnoses at all. Many clinicians believe that diagnosing puts an unnecessary label on the client telling them that they are "abnormal" instead of recognizing that whatever the client is doing is a coping mechanism which they developed to deal with life.[1]

The Pentagon has been funding research into robot cars (see Millennium Challenge).


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