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Milli Vanilli was a chart-topping pop music group featuring male models Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus who lip-synched pre-recorded vocal tracks performed by session singers. Their 1990 Grammy Award was revoked after their producer told the press about the lip-synching; Arista Records dropped them, and their popularity rapidly evaporated.


The first Milli Vanilli album was released in Europe in 1988 under the title All Or Nothing. Their first U.S. release and second overall release was Girl You Know It's True in 1989, which was an instant success, landing them five Top 10 hits with four of them going to #1. Their followup album, tentatively titled Keep On Running, was ready for release when the scandal hit the news in late 1990; it was hastily re-titled The Moment of Truth and released in 1991 under the name The Real Milli Vanilli, with the real band members credited this time instead of Rob and Fab. The Moment of Truth was released in Europe only. There was also a Milli Vanilli: The Remix Album released in the U.S. to capitalize on the success of Girl, You Know It's True.

Two other projects followed the official demise of the band. The self-titled Try 'N' B album was released in 1992, by the original studio singers who had sung on the Milli Vanilli albums recording under a new name. Meanwhile, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan went into the studio to sing on an album for the first time, with the self-titled album released under the Rob & Fab name in 1993. Both releases sunk without a trace on the charts.