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Misogynist repeatedly attacked a sign outside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's congressional office.[1]

Misogyny is the hatred of women.[2] Several leftists were well known to have practiced misogyny. Ironically, misogyny was later hijacked by the leftists as a weapon to use against traditional morality and Christians, sometimes falsely implying that Christianity invented the concept when in fact biblical standards and teaching has done more for the protection of women's rights than anything inherent in human nature. The concept of misogyny can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece and other non Judeo-Christian cultures. Recently, however, misogyny has been falsely conflated with male chauvinism (ie, claiming that objectification, wanting to determine the place of a woman, and thinking about them as inferior are forms of misogyny). Although male chauvinism is not something to emulate, it is far from being misogynistic as it does not specifically indicate such people have a hatred of women at all.

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