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Country Russia
Settled 1147
Population 11,503,501
Area (sq mi) 970 sq mi
Population density (/sq mi) 11,865.4
Current mayor Sergey Sobyanin
Co-ordinates 55.7° N., 37.5° E.[1]
St. Basil's Basilica or Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed.
The Business Center of Moscow

Moscow (Russian: Москва) is the capital and the biggest city of Russia and formerly of the Soviet Union. It is the home of the Kremlin. Residents of Moscow are called "Muscovites" in the West.

Moscow was first mentioned in 1147 when "the prince of Rostov and Suzdal Yuri Dolgorukiy (Long Arms) invited his ally Svyatoslav the prince of Novgorod Severskiy to visit him in Moscow."[2] The first Saturday of September is celebrated as the Founding Day.

It is located in western Russia, and as of the 2002 census, has a population of over 10.4 million.[3]

Moscow, 2008.

Victory Day

Despite Western propaganda and calls for an uprising and overthrow of Vladimir Putin, more than 1 million people turned out in the streets of Moscow for the 2022 Victory Day celebrations of the Immortal Regiment for which Vladimir Putin was the featured honored speaker.[4]


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