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A Multicultural greek letter organization (MGLO) is a college social club or fraternity that is based upon an ethnic or racial identity. In other words, traditional college fraternities are required to not discriminate in selecting membership based upon race or ethnic origin. MGLC organizations have greek letter names like fraternities and social and philanthropic purposes like fraternities, but they are allowed to discriminate in selecting members to compensate for past alleged discrimination by fraternities.

At Cornell University, the MGLOs in 2017 demanded reforms following two incidents. The first involved one fraternity member chanting "Build a wall" at the Latino Living Center, and the second involved a white student who was not a fraternity member punching a black member of a non-MGLO fraternity. Their demands included that all Greek organizations, including the MGLOs appoint a vice president for diversity and adopt plans to increase diversity in each greek organization, perhaps not realizing that they were asking for the requirement to apply to MGLOs as well.[1]

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