Mystery:Why Does God Exist?

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Many so-called “ultimate questions” have been asked in the past by both Christians and non-Christians such as: Why do we exist? Why does everything we see exists? How do we know that God exist? How can we know the Bible is reliable? There are many good reasons and answers for these questions, and there is a purpose behind all of these questions. Nevertheless, people continue to ask these questions today. Apparently however, few or even no one has tackled “the ultimate question.” In fact, it could be the best question ever asked in the history of mankind. Here is the question: Why does God exist and what’s the ultimate purpose for His existence? In this situation, let’s suppose God never decided to create everything. Therefore, everything would remain non-existent. It won’t matter if there was or was no God in the midst of non-existent because non-existence would still be and remain non-existence. Now, in this next situation, let’s go to the facts. There is a God and in the beginning He decided to create everything for His own pleasure. He doesn’t need His creation for anything nor does His creation affect Him in any way. He can destroy it with no problems at any time and He could have decided not to create everything. He loves Himself infinitely more than He loves us and the rest of creation, which is still infinite though. God wants us to have fellowship with Him even though He doesn’t need it nor depend on it. As a result of all this, it doesn’t or might not also make any difference to God in the ultimate sense if He decided to not create anything. As a result of that, it doesn’t ultimately make a difference between no God in the midst of non-existence, a God in the midst of non-existence, and the existence that God created. Yet another thing to keep in mind here is that God can do all things, so that means that it's even possible that He can have the power to bring Himself into non-existence if He wanted to, but that will never happen as the Bible implies, but He has the power to do that anyway, which He has decided not to use. Final thing, saying God is eternal is a very long time indeed. He could have created everything an infinite amount of time ago, an infinite amount of time in the future, or never. With all of these things in mind, it all brings us to the ultimate question again, but here it is worded a bit differently and into several different questions in one: What’s the ultimate reason for God’s existence and what’s the ultimate purpose for His existence? Are there any possible answers to this question? If there are no possible answers to this question, then why are there no possible answers available? We should be thankful that God exists by the way, but this is a question worth contemplating.