NFL sham tryouts

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NFL sham tryouts were used against Tim Tebow by the deceitful cartel that runs the NFL, in order to pretend that the league is based on merit when in fact the Bible-quoting Tebow would not be allowed to play despite his talent.

The liberal media promoted the sham tryouts as though they somehow proved that Tebow was not qualified to play in the NFL, in classic liberal denial that the tryouts were actually shams.

Each time Tebow would attain near-perfect physical preparation and perform at a high level during the sham tryout, only to be cut by the team without giving him a fair chance.

Sham Jaguars tryout

The Jaguars head coach was not even present for the sham tryout by the Jaguars for Tim Tebow, even though his jersey quickly became the top-selling merchandise among NFL fans.[1] The fix was in to cut Tebow before he played in a single exhibition game, because he was not allowed to play on special teams as he would if allowed on the team.

Former NFL star Marcellus Wiley (an Ivy League star in college for Columbia University) expressed dismay about the liberal media criticizing Tebow's tryout:

Why y'all tripping on Tebow? We all have homies that work out until they're in their 30s trying to make it to the league and very, very few make it...and they're not Tim Freaking Tebow! But, for those fortunate few that get a shot, are you mad? Something doesn't add up.[1]

Tebow was cut after being denied to the opportunity to be in any special teams plays, and being allowed to play on only 16 scrimmage snaps, in just one preseason game.[2] Only one mis-thrown pass was even tossed his way, and virtually none of the other 15 plays even involved him in any meaningful way.[3]

Tebow game up his major league baseball career with the New York Mets for this tryout opportunity, which appears to have been a sham by the NFL team.

Sham Patriots tryout

Amid the scandal of the investigation (and later conviction) of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez for murder, coach Bill Belichick boosted the public image of the Patriots by having Tim Tebow in a tryout in 2013, which was a sham. Ironically, Tebow's college coach had warned Belichick about Hernandez before Belichick drafted him.[4]

Belichick bristled at how much more attention Tebow received from the media than Belichick's coaching efforts did.[5] Belichick cut Tebow after he had an excellent final preseason game of completing 6 for 11 passes for 91 yards, with two touchdown passes and only one interception, while gaining 30 rushing yards on 6 carries.

Other sham tryouts

In the early 1990s the Dallas Cowboys cut several players in order to cash in on options resulting from a massive Herschel Walker trade. The Cowboys coach "planned to cut the five players and thereby 'rob' the Vikings of future [draft] picks."[6]