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Nalcrest is an unincorporated retirement community in Central Florida.

The community's name is an acronym for National Association of Letter Carriers Retirement, Education, Security and Training; it was created and is operated by the NALC (one of several unions representing United States Postal Service employees, specifically city letter carriers). As such, residency (all on a rental basis, no ownership) is restricted to NALC members in good standing and their spouses who are in good health (it is not an assisted living facility).[1]

As a retirement community for letter carriers, it has its own ZIP Code (33856), does not have mail delivery (all mail must be picked up at the Post Office in the Town Center), strictly prohibits pets (especially dogs who love chasing postal carriers), and previously restricted payment to postal money orders only (it now accepts checks and other money orders).


  1. Originally when opened, as part of the funding was Federal, the community could not restrict residency to NALC members; upon payoff of the loan the community then did so, but grandfathered in existing residents.

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