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Narco News "Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from All América" is a fiercely independent journalist group that tracks the drug war raging across South America, Latin America and North America. Nearly 500 journalists are dedicated to reporting the truth free from influence. They know the most powerful companies in liberal media are purposely hiding drug war related news from the American public. Other challenges such as government pressure, special interests influence, murder are all well documented hazards they fight against.

By divorcing journalism from its jealous tyrant of capital we've already shown, from Mexico to Venezuela to Brazil to Bolivia and elsewhere, that through Authentic Journalism the conditions can be reconstructed for Authentic Democracy to flourish.

Narco News website includes the online forum Narcosphere, where readers and journalists discuss, debate, correct, and trade new information. Narco News is supported by The Fund for Authentic Journalism. The group was formed in the year 2000.

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