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The National Tea Party Federation or 'NTPF' was formed in April 2010 as a broad coalition of local and regional Tea Party groups. The NTPF seeks to act as a clearinghouse and to promote the Tea Party movement's objectives of:[1]

* Fiscal Responsibility * Constitutionally Limited Government * Free Markets

They are aware of the impact grassroots activists are having by networking, calling Congress, signing petitions, attending marches, etc. The NTPF wants to harness that power that will allow for an organized and clear approach to messaging, media comment, local video and documentation, with a goal of "One message, one face."

Within months of its founding, however, the National Tea Party Federation expelled the Tea Party Express, perhaps the most successful group in the Tea Party Movement, from its coalition.

Coalition Founders

  • American Grassroots Coalition
  • Arkansas Unite
  • Cincinnati Tea Party
  • Constitutional TEA Party
  • DC Works For Us
  • Illinois Tea Party
  • Lynchburg Tea Party
  • New Jersey Tea Party Coalition
  • New Mexico Patriots
  • Orlando Tea Party
  • Pittsburgh Tea Party
  • ResistNet
  • Richmond Tea Party
  • Santee East County TEA Party
  • Take the Town Halls to Washington
  • Tea Party Nation
  • The Heart of Texas Tea Party
  • The Memphis TEA Party
  • The Mississippi Tea Party
  • Tupelo Tea Party
  • Waco Tea Party
  • We The People of Pennsylvania

NTPF In The News


  1. Formation of 'National Tea Party Federation' Announced, PRNewsire, April 2010

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