Near-death experience

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A near-death experience may be undergone by someone who is clinically brain-dead or nearly died. Common reports in near-death experiences involve feeling out of one's body seeing events around themselves, and the seeing of bright lights and experiences of feeling like one is floating. Some have interpreted such experiences as evidence for an afterlife while skeptics and many scientists have dismissed the experiences as hallucinations. [1] However, the evidence for this claim is not sufficient because the brain cannot hallucinate while it is clinically dead. Most people (and many other scientists) generally accept this as evidence of an afterlife. However, many Christians suspect that NDEs may be the result of demonic influences.

Atheists usually have an NDE in which they are in or close to hell and learn that only through Jesus Christ they are saved. After coming back into life they become faithful Christians. There is also a case in which one IS soldier has seen hell and subsequently became a Christian.