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The Neo-Geo is a 24-bit video game console first released in 1989 by SNK. It was originally an arcade pinout for their video games, but it was soon released as a home console in 1990, dubbed the Advanced Entertainment System (AES).

Technical Information

It is known for being the only 24-bit video game console, thus offering more power and even better graphics than its competitors, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. It is powered by a 16-bit Motorola 68000 processor and an 8-bit Zilog Z80 processor. The screen can display up to 65,536 colors.


The original arcade system, called the Multi-Video System (MVS), can hold up to 6 game cartridges, depending on the type of motherboard used. Since the game uses cartridges, converting games is easy, due to the fact the control panel can be opened up and the cartridges can simply be swapped.

Due to the MVS' popularity, SNK soon released the AES, the home console version of the Neo-Geo. However, only 3 million home consoles have been sold, due to the extraordinarily high price of the console and the games.

In 1995, the Neo-Geo CD was released, in an attempt to sell it for a more mainstream price. Though it was cheaper than the AES, the Neo-Geo CD was plagued by slow loading times, which resulted in its eventual demise.

SNK manufactured Neo Geo consoles and games through 2004, making it the longest-lasting of the classic video game consoles.

Notable Games

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