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Nephilimfree is a popular YouTube creationist who uses science and logical reasoning in analyzing and refuting various Evolutionist claims. Subjects addressed by Nephilimfree include genetics (including the complex structure of DNA and cells), Geology, the fossil record (including the severe lack of transitional species, such as pakicetus), atheism and its downfalls, etc...

Nephilimfree has dedicated the past few years of his life to studying science from reliable creation science websites and other creationist resources, from which he has gained the knowledge to take on scientists from a wide range of fields. His informal creationist based education has allowed him to also be free from any form of bias inherent in modern scientific texts. However, he has no formal education in any scientific field at a higher level.

YouTube user DonExodus2 was one challenged to a debate by Nephilimfree, but when the time of the debate came along, atheist DonExodus2 failed to turn up, making Nephilimfree the victor by default.

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