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The New Jersey General Assembly consists of 80 men and women who are at least 21 years old and have lived in the state of New Jersey for at least two years. In order to run they must live in their legislative districts for one year before the election. There are forty different legislative districts.

District One
Assemblyman NELSON T. ALBANO - Democrat
Assemblyman MATTHEW W. MILAM - Democrat

District Two
Assemblyman JOHN F. AMODEO - Republican
Assemblyman VINCENT J. POLISTINA - Republican

District Three
Assemblyman JOHN J. BURZICHELLI - Democrat
Assemblyman DOUGLAS H. FISHER - Democrat

District Four
Assemblywoman SANDRA LOVE - Democrat
Assemblyman PAUL D. MORIARTY - Democrat

District Five
Assemblywoman NILSA CRUZ-PEREZ - Democrat
Assemblyman JOSEPH J. ROBERTS, JR. - Democrat

District Six
Assemblyman LOUIS D. GREENWALD - Democrat
Assemblywoman PAMELA R. LAMPITT - Democrat

District Seven
Assemblyman HERB CONAWAY, JR. - Democrat
Assemblyman JACK CONNERS - Democrat

District Eight
Assemblywoman DAWN MARIE ADDIEGO - Republican
Assemblyman SCOTT RUDDER - Republican

District Nine
Assemblyman BRIAN E. RUMPF - Republican
Assemblyman DANIEL M. VAN PELT - Republican

District Ten
Assemblyman JAMES W. HOLZAPFEL - Republican
Assemblyman DAVID W. WOLFE - Republican

District Eleven
Assemblywoman MARY PAT ANGELINI - Republican
Assemblyman DAVID P. RIBLE - Republican

District Twelve
Assemblywoman CAROLINE CASAGRANDE - Republican
Assemblyman DECLAN J. O'SCANLON, JR. - Republican

District Thirteen
Assemblywoman AMY H. HANDLIN - Republican
Assemblyman SAMUEL D. THOMPSON - Republican

District Fourteen
Assemblyman WAYNE P. DEANGELO - Democrat
Assemblywoman LINDA R. GREENSTEIN - Democrat

District Fifteen
Assemblyman REED GUSCIORA - Democrat
Assemblywoman BONNIE WATSON COLEMAN - Democrat

District Sixteen
Assemblyman PETER J. BIONDI - Republican
Assemblywoman DENISE M. COYLE - Republican

District Seventeen
Assemblyman UPENDRA J. CHIVUKULA - Democrat
Assemblyman JOSEPH V. EGAN - Democrat

District Eighteen
Assemblyman PETER J. BARNES, III - Democrat
Assemblyman PATRICK J. DIEGNAN, JR. - Democrat

District Nineteen
Assemblyman JOSEPH VAS - Democrat
Assemblyman JOHN S. WISNIEWSKI - Democrat

District Twenty
Assemblyman JOSEPH CRYAN - Democrat
Assemblywoman ANNETTE QUIJANO - Democrat

District Twenty-one
Assemblyman JON M. BRAMNICK - Republican
Assemblyman ERIC MUNOZ - Republican

District Twenty-two
Assemblyman JERRY GREEN - Democrat
Assemblywoman LINDA STENDER - Democrat

District Twenty-three
Assemblyman MICHAEL J. DOHERTY - Republican
Assemblywoman MARCIA A. KARROW - Republican

District Twenty-four
Assemblyman GARY R. CHIUSANO - Republican
Assemblywoman ALISON LITTELL MCHOSE - Republican

District Twenty-five
Assemblyman MICHAEL PATRICK CARROLL - Republican
Assemblyman RICHARD A. MERKT - Republican

District Twenty-six
Assemblyman ALEX DECROCE - Republican
Assemblyman JAY WEBBER - Republican

District Twenty-seven
Assemblywoman MILA M. JASEY - Democrat
Assemblyman JOHN F. MCKEON - Democrat

District Twenty-eight
Assemblyman RALPH R. CAPUTO - Democrat
Assemblywoman CLEOPATRA G. TUCKER - Democrat

District Twenty-nine
Assemblyman ALBERT COUTINHO - Democrat
Assemblywoman L. GRACE SPENCER - Democrat

District Thirty
Assemblyman RONALD S. DANCER - Republican
Assemblyman JOSEPH R. MALONE, III - Republican

District Thirty-one
Assemblyman ANTHONY CHIAPPONE - Democrat
Assemblyman L. HARVEY SMITH - Democrat

District Thirty-two
Assemblyman VINCENT PRIETO - Democrat
Assemblywoman JOAN M. QUIGLEY - Democrat

District Thirty-three
Assemblyman RUBEN J. RAMOS, JR. - Democrat
Assemblywoman CARIDAD RODRIGUEZ - Democrat

District Thirty-four
Assemblyman THOMAS P. GIBLIN - Democrat
Assemblywoman SHEILA Y. OLIVER - Democrat

District Thirty-five
Assemblywoman ELEASE EVANS - Democrat
Assemblywoman NELLIE POU - Democrat

District Thirty-six
Assemblyman FREDERICK SCALERA - Democrat
Assemblyman GARY S. SCHAER - Democrat

District Thirty-seven
Assemblyman GORDON M. JOHNSON - Democrat
Assemblywoman VALERIE VAINIERI HUTTLE - Democrat

District Thirty-eight
Assemblywoman JOAN M. VOSS - Democrat
Assemblywoman CONNIE WAGNER - Democrat

District Thirty-nine
Assemblyman JOHN E. ROONEY - Republican
Assemblywoman CHARLOTTE VANDERVALK - Republican

District Forty
Assemblyman SCOTT T. RUMANA - Republican
Assemblyman DAVID C. RUSSO - Republican