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The Newark Star-Ledger is a liberal newspaper in Newark, New Jersey, and it is the largest newspaper in New Jersey in terms of circulation. In October 2008, the paper cut its editorial staff by about 45% in an effort to become profitable. While liberal newspapers across the United States reduced staff in 2008, few cut their staffs so dramatically.[1]

2010 Star-Ledger initiative attempting to restore profitability

In September 2010 the Newark Star-Ledger wrote:

The Star-Ledger said Tuesday it would cut salaries and offer another round of buyouts to employees as the newspaper works to return to profitability in 2011.

In a staff memo, publisher Richard Vezza said declining advertising revenues have continued to squeeze New Jersey’s largest paper, with losses projected to reach $10 million this year. The company lost $9 million last year.

"Obviously, losses of this magnitude are unsustainable and threaten our continued existence," Vezza said in the memo.[2]

Charge of engaging in disingenuous journalism

In 2011, the conservative website RedState charged the Star-Ledger with engaging in disingenous journalism and wrote:

Newark Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran has an op-ed today that very well may be the most disingenuous editorial thus far written on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Titled "The Anatomy of an $11 Billion Myth in New Jersey," The piece makes wildly inaccurate claims about Christie’s fiscal year 2011 budget, falsely alleges that Christie has made false claims about his budget, and attempts to pin blame on Christie for inaccurate reporting on the budget in the press.

As if all that isn’t enough, Mr. Moran bases his baseless conclusions on an internal contradiction so glaringly obvious even a liberal Star-Ledger columnist should be able to spot it.[3]

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