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No Labels is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit political organization that tries to influence the politics of moderation, not siding with Democrats or Republican parties. It is another attempt to create a grassroots organization to challenge the success of the Tea Party movement. The group was founded in 2010 by Nancy Jacobson and is supported by MSNBC's hosts Dylan Ratigan and Joe Scarborough, David Gergen, David Frum and others in the media. In politics, No labels is supported by Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand, Joe Manchin, Debbie Stabenow, Antonio Villaraigosa, also Michael Bloomberg. RINO's are supporters as well; Charlie Crist, Mike Castle and others.

In August 2011, No labels got a boost from the CEO of Starbuck's. He championed the group through his protest campaign that seeks to stop giving donations to D.C. until gridlock is removed.


No Labels says they are not for any one party, a grassroots operation. Yet, all of their leadership is connected with the D.C. beltway.

One of their first campaign efforts will be to re-elect RINO Olympia Snowe. In doing so, they're targeting Tea Party candidates for defeat.[1] Snowe is not a centrist but a leftist. She is for govt bailouts and raising taxes. She supports big-government statism that rules over the citizens. A vote for Snowe is a vote for abortion. This exposes the No Labels group for who they really stand for.

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