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North Africa

North Africa is located in the world's second-largest continent, Africa, between the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, & the Red Sea. North Africa is comprised of seven countries including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, and the Western Sahara. North Africa is the northernmost region of the African Continent.


Religions in North Africa include Baha'i, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and some traditional African religions.

In Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan, Islam is the dominant religion.



The Atlas Mountains run through Morocco, northern Algeria and Tunisia.

The Sahara Desert covers more than 90% of the region.

Rivers in Africa include::

  • The Nile River runs through Egypt & Sudan.
  • Atbarah River - Sudan & Ethiopia
  • Blue Nile - Sudan & Ethiopia
  • Didessa River - Ethiopia
  • White Nile - Sudan
  • Mountain Nile - Sudan
  • Draa River - Algeria & Morocco
  • Moulouya River - Morocco
  • Bou Regreg - Morocco
  • Oum Er-Rbia River - Morocco
  • Sebou River - Morocco