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The Nuclear program of Iran refers to the amibitions of the Iranian government to acquire nuclear technology. Though the program has been in existence since at least the 1950s, today this phrase usually refers to the current program sanctioned by Barack Obama's Iranian nuclear deal. This program is carried out under the guise of acquiring peaceful nuclear technology for civilian use,[1] though many nations feel that Iran is intent on acquiring nuclear weapons.[2]

According to the CIA, Iran stopped its nuclear program in 2003.[3]

U.S. and Iran

The views of the United States government and several major European nations are that Iran's primary goal is not nuclear power, but rather nuclear weapons. Iran has concealed many nuclear activities for nearly two decades, including an enrichment program that would enable them to produce high-enriched uranium for nuclear weapons (this type of uranium is not needed for Iran's current nuclear power program), violating its NPT safeguards obligations.[4]

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