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The Oera Linda Book is a manuscript written in an ancient version of the Frisian language that came to light in the Netherlands in the 19th century, but which purports to be very much older, with the earliest sections thousands of years old. It tells the story of the Frisian nation and its gradual decline from greatness. The Frisians were said to have been named after the goddess Frya, who ascended to the heavens in 2194 BC after giving her people a set of laws (or Tex) to live by. She established an order of priestesses, known as the Famna, vowed to perpetual celibacy in her honour.

Long considered a forgery by academics, the Oera Linda Book has had an important influence on the development of the New Age movement, especially Theosophy and Neo-Paganism.

The Oera Linda book is today conventionally agreed to be a mid-19th century forgery. This conclusion is based on the paper on which the manuscript is written, as well as internal and linguistic evidence.

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