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The One percent is a common phrase to describe income of the highest earners, the rich. It's used by the liberals to push Marxist class warfare, highlighting inequality of income. Despite the rhetoric, America is the land of opportunity and aspiring to achieve wealth is a good measure. As the government grows bigger and bigger, their appetite for spending grows. Democrats are insistent that the one percent need to be taxed upwards of 90%.[1]

Often overlooked when demonizing the richest 1% is that the vast majority of people are not filthy rich. A couple earning $389,000. is considered in the 1%. Minus taxes, that couple made just $250,000. Also overlooked is the percentage of taxes these people pay account for 35% of all taxes collected. The rich are paying for America's social programs, roads and infrastructure, schools and military budgets. At the same time, 50% of the population pays no taxes whatsoever. The vast majority of the 1% are small business owners providing jobs for the rest of us. More taxes have a detrimental effect on economic expansion.

Income inequality as a protest is nothing more than claptrap. Equality of opportunity is the capitalist way, not equality of outcome. But the poor, liberals will complain, the poor are being made poorer by the one percent. That is largely due to government, not the rich. Besides, our poor are the richest in the world. State and Federal aid is plentiful and America's poor have access to hundreds of programs from free phone service to free electricity and of course free food and discounted housing. The poor have iPhones, flat screen TVs, air conditioning and usually transportation. If you have change in your pocket, no matter what bracket of income you fall in, you are the richest 1% in the world.


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