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Orbusmax is a Northwest news source modeled after Drudge Report, and uses the tagline 'Around The World In 80K'.[1] Orbusmax is a Conservative news website for the Pacific Northwest, developed by Jim Walker as an alternative to the mainstream liberal media.

Orbusmax's founder, Jim Walker, passed away on November 8th, 2012 per Orbusmax announcement:

On November 8th, Jim Walker (a.k.a. "The Orb") passed away peacefully in his sleep. Jim had many passions in life, he was deeply committed to his family, his faith, friends, music and politics just to name a few. He was a good and honorable man, and he will be deeply missed.

For those of you just finding out about Jim's passing, we're very sorry to have to break the news to you in this way. Jim had so many friends, acquaintances, and followers that we were simply unable to contact everyone directly.

Orbusmax.com will return as the news portal so many of you have come to rely on. We think Jim would have wanted it that way.

We'll try and be back up and running around mid-December.


The family and friends of Jim Walker


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