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Orly Taitz is an Obama birth certificate activist who was born in the Soviet Union before immigrating to the United States, holds dual citizenship with Israel, and is a dentist residing in Orange County, California. She has served as the lawyer of Alan Keyes in several Obama birth-related lawsuits. She has been blacklisted by most media sources, with MSNBC and its hosts David Shuster and Lawrence O'Donnell interrupting her whenever she's been interviewed there, something to be predicted from the media. She ran for California Secretary of State in 2010, running against the RINO Damon Dunn, who, like Barack Obama, had some documentation to answer for considering he had registered as a Democrat as late as 1999. She lost the primary. She is considering a run for the Senate against incumbent California Senator Diane Feinstein in 2012.[1] Another Obama birth certificate lawyer filing amicus briefs to question his citizenship would be Phillip Berg.


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