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PL Kyodan is an international religion that developed from the Zen Buddhist culture of Japan early in the 20th century. PL teaches that "Life is art." We have been born to express our own unique individuality in everything we do - to create "art". To assist them in improving their lives and overcoming hardships such as sickness, misfortune, pain, etc., believers are taught why they have these problems and are guided in solving them. PL does not have a holy book (like a Bible or a Koran), however, they have PL 21 Precepts and the PL 21 Principles which were revealed by the Founders of the Church.


  1. Life is art
  2. Man's life is a succession of self-expressions
  3. Man is a manifestation of God
  4. Man suffers if he fails to express himself
  5. Man's true self is lost when swayed by feelings and emotions
  6. Man's true self is revealed when his ego is effaced
  7. All things exist in mutual relationship to one another
  8. Live radiantly as the sun
  9. All men are equal
  10. Strive for creating mutual happiness
  11. Have true faith in God
  12. There is a way (function) peculiar to every "name" (existence)
  13. There is a way for men, and there is another for women
  14. All is for world peace
  15. All is a mirror
  16. All things progress and develop
  17. Comprehend what is most essential
  18. At every moment man stands at the crossroads of good and evil
  19. Act when your intuition dictates
  20. Live in a perfect unity of mind and matter
  21. Live in Perfect Liberty

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