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The Patent Registration Exam is a 100-question, 6-hour examination required by the Patent and Trademark Office of patent examiners. The exam is administered in computer format at Prometric test centers throughout the country.

The exam is divided into a 3-hour part in the morning, and a 3-hour afternoon session, with 50 questions per session. Passing requires a 70% score on the graded questions (only 90 of the questions are graded, with 10 experimental questions dispersed throughout the exam).

The pass rate has declined to less than 50% of test-takers beginning in 2013. The numbers of those taking the exam has declined also, to 2232 in 2018.

The Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)[1] is provided in pdf-searchable form to test-takers.

The subject matter on the test is changing beginning August 28, 2019, to include (in addition to the MPEP) the last item below:

  • Inter Partes, Post Grant, and Covered Business Method Review Final Rules (77 Fed.Reg. 48680, August 14, 2012)[2]
  • Derivation Proceeding Final Rules (77 Fed. Reg.56068, September 11, 2012)[3]
  • Changes to Representation of Others Before the USPTO Final Rules[4]
  • Implementation of the Global and IP5 Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Programs with Participating Offices[5]