Payton Gendron

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Payton Gendron wearing the logo of the Biden-backed Azov Nazis.[1]

Payton Gendron is a Neo Nazi mass murderer. Gendron committed a racially-motivated mass murder in a gun-free zone supermarket in Buffalo, New York which left 10 people dead and three injured. 11 people who were attacked were black and two were white. Gendron was influenced by the violent video game Call of Duty.[2] Gendron also threatened a local school.[3] He wrote a manifesto where he identified himself as Neo Nazi, White supremacist, authoritarian leftist, National socialist and Green nationalist. He also proclaimed himself as an atheist.[4] He also proclaimed belief in White replacement theory that was celebrated and promoted by liberal media journalists. He was vowing to 'seek justice for Ukraine' and showed support for the same symbols used by the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine.[5] He harbors hatred for conservatism and claims it as "pro-corporatism".[6] He also wrote the names of Waukesha Christmas parade massacre victims who were killed by black supremacist Darrell Brooks in November 2021.[7]

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