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Payza (owned by MH Pillars Ltd.) is an e-wallet and e-commerce processing company which handles the electronic exchange of money. They offer service in over 190 countries, with an integrated currency exchange option between their respective currencies,[1] as well as Bitcoin.[2] In all, they support 25 currencies.[1] Other services they offer include localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit card, checks, and prepaid cards.[3] Although PayPal has become a strong competitor for this company, many prefer Payza's service, and/or simply use it as an alternative to PayPal for political or other reasons.[4]

Alert Pay

Alert Pay was founded in 2004 by Firoz and Ferhan Patel in Montreal, Canada. It grew rapidly in popularity, due to its simplicity and low costs of use.[5]
In May 2012, Payza acquired AlertPay's e-wallet accounts, officially transitioning all of their users to Payza.[6] However, some see this transaction as less of an acquisition and more of simply a rebranding.


Opinions of Payza seem to vary drastically. While some favor using the company's service over all others, other people have reported less than satisfactory service. The Better Business Bureau has given them a mediocre ratings also, stating that they have failed to respond to complaints filed against Payza. The Better Business Bureau further reports that the letters they sent to Payza's New York office were returned by the post office as undeliverable.[7]


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