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The Charter to Pennsylvania was granted on March 10, 1681 by King Charles II to the 26-year-old William Penn. The King granted the young William this Charter as repayment of a debt owed to his deceased father Admiral Sir William Penn. Admiral Sir William Penn had defeated the Dutch navy and also captured Jamaica for the British.

Pennsylvania became the "holy experiment" for persecuted Amish, Mennonites, Catholics and Jews. William Penn named its biggest city "Philadelphia," meaning "Brotherly Love" from the Greek words philos "loving" and adelphos "brother."

Penn wrote to Delaware chiefs before arriving:[1]

My Friends, There is one ... God ... and He hath made ... the king of the country where I live, give ... unto me a great province therein, but I desire to enjoy it with your ... consent, that we may always live together as ... friends.


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