Persecution of Christians in the People's Republic of China

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In the People's Republic of China, the expression of true Christian faith is violently suppressed. The only allowed Christian denominations are the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association; both of which do not practice true Christianity and are more of a vehicle for CCP propaganda. Real Christian practices such as Sunday school are outlawed and when discovered are violently cracked down upon.[1]

Internet Censorship

Internet access to Christian materials is blocked whereas Islamic and atheist sites are hardly ever censored.[2] The communists behind this so-called "great firewall of China"[3] have systematically gone through and blocked any site promoting even a semblance of Christian values.


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  2. Sites Blocked in China: Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China - Use the find in page function on your browser: only a single atheist site is blocked while many dozens of Christian sites are.