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Peter Walter Campbell (1926-2005) was a UK professor and Conservative party politician highly influential in the movement to legalize homosexuality. He is now widely alleged to have been an active pederast.

Campbell read PPE at New College, Oxford University, where after post-graduate research at Nuffield College, he was appointed assistant lecturer, then lecturer in Government at Manchester University. In 1960 he moved to Reading University as Professor of Political Economy, and in 1964 was made Professor of Politics. He was an active member of the Albany Society which campaigned for homosexuality to be legalised in the UK. This happened in 1967 under a Labour government. He belonged to the Conservative Party and moreover to the Monday Club, a sub-group of ultra-libertarian Conservatives who believe in privatizing everything from the prisons to the police. He would attend every party conference to distribute leaflets in favor of more rights (and fewer moral duties) for homosexuals. In 1975, he founded a Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality (CGHE) and became its chairman. Despite his Conservative affiliation he also joined the very left-wing dominated Campaign for Homosexual Equality ("CHE") which always openly advocated abolition of all age-of-consent laws.

Since his death, in 2005, evidence has emerged that Campbell was a practising pederast. He edited a newsletter for the CGHE and in it he included advertisements for the Elm Guesthouse, a notorious pedophile brothel in Barnes, South-West London. Campbell's name is found on a handwritten list of clients who were alleged to have frequented the brothel run by Carol Kasir and her husband. The list mentions "Peter Campbell, Monday Club" along with several other members of the Monday Club. [1] The advertisement inserted by Campbell in the newsletter of CGHE mentioned that the Elm Guesthouse would give a discount to members of the Spartacus club, an infamous pedophile network that flourished between London and the Continent in the 1970s-1990s. Researchers for NAPAC (National Association of People Abused in Childhood) have tracked down and reproduced on their website a surviving letter from Campbell on headed CGHE letter-paper in which he refers to the pedophile expeditions orqanized by the Spartacus Club. Addressing John Rowe, another member of CGHE, he wrote "I have now inserted the entry about the hotel but can't find the text about the Dutch adventure - could you please let me have another copy? - Pete". The Dutch adventure is an allusion to the boy-molesting holidays in the Netherlands organised by Spartacus Club. [2]