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Father Peter Heier (born September 16, 1895), S.V.D. was a Roman Catholic priest and exorcist of Hague, North Dakota.

Peter Heier was the son of George and Magdalena (Wolf) Heier. He was born in Kleinliebental, Grossliebental, Ukraine. His family immigrated to the United States and settled in North Dakota. Peter studied for the priesthood and was stationed in Hague, North Dakota where he also served as an exorcist. While serving as a missionary in China he was put in charge of a noted demonic possession case in 1926 and again in 1929, concerning a Chinese woman named Lautien in Henan, China.[1] The case was printed up in a pamphlet entitled, Begone Satan, in 1935 by Father Celestine Kapsner.

His younger brother Francis G. Heier was also a Catholic priest.[2]


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