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Petr Beckmann (Nov. 13, 1924 - Aug. 3, 1993) was a prolific author of about a dozen books and a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado. He was an outspoken anti-communist who defected from Czechoslovakia, and a proponent of full access to energy. His many books include his highly acclaimed A History of π:

  • A History of π
  • The Health Hazards Of NOT Going Nuclear
  • Einstein Plus Two
  • Hammer and Tickle: Clandestine Laughter in the Soviet Empire
  • Access To Energy: A Selection Of Brief Essays
  • Eco-hysterics and the technophobes
  • The structure of language,: A new approach
  • Musical Musings
  • Whispered Anecdotes: Humor from Behind the Iron Curtain
  • The Depolarization of Electromagnetic Waves