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In 2004, eleven Christians, who have been dubbed the "Philly 11", were arrested at a Philadelphia event promoting homosexual-rights and some of the charges were felonies.[1][2] The Christians were preaching from the Bible regarding homosexuality and a group of homosexual activists confronted the Christians and attempted to drown out their message with whistles.[3] According to the Christians they were obeying all laws and respected lawful request by the police offers at the time.[4] The Christian organization that sponsored the protest was Repent America.[5] In 2005, after national publicity led to widespread criticism of the arrests (especially the heavy penalties being threatened) a judge dismissed all criminal charges.[6] In 2006, a United States federal judge ruled the group of homosexuals could not dismiss a lawsuit against the homosexual activist group Philly Pride Presents which was brought against them by the Christian protestors.[7]