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An apple pie, one of the most popular pies in the United States

Pies are a filled, baked pastry dish, distinguished from quiches and tarts by the presence of a topcrust. Though Americans usually associate pies with dessert, pies can be either sweet or savory.

Types of pie

Many things have been historically put into pies, such as "four-and-twenty-blackbirds", referring to the old rhyme of the same name. Meat, fish, fruit, lard, vegetables or even cheese, almost anything that is solid enough not to seep out during the baking process may be used.

  • Steak and kidney pie is a traditional meat-based recipe.
  • Pork pie is traditionally served cold.
  • Apple pie is a dessert pie.
  • Stargazy pie, a traditional Cornish dish is made with sardines.
  • Shepherd's pies are made with minced lamb and vegetables, often topped with a mashed potato crust.
  • Cottage pies contain minced beef and vegetables.