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Pigford v. Glickman also known as the Pigford Settlement, Pigford II or even Pigford Scandal,[1] is an out of court settlement between the USDA and original plaintiff Timothy Pigford in a 400-person class-action lawsuit. The USDA was sued for discrimination in its allocation of loans but admitted no wrongdoing nor was anybody fired or disciplined as a result. Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment website broke the story and the liberal media has been silent about the government corruption on a vast scale.

This is much long overdue justice for black farmers,
said John Boyd, founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association.[2] The case has cost American taxpayers billions of dollars and fraudulent actions have exposed this settlement as a complete sham.

Though not enough to stop Barack Obama from signing off on the package. Always eager to chime in when America looks bad, Obama says, "The legislation “closes a long and unfortunate chapter in our history,” and “It’s finally time to make things right.”


The early 1990s saw several individual black farmers filing lawsuits alleging racial discrimination. In 1996, Bill Clinton's USDA Secretary Dan Glickman gave a speech apologizing for the discrimination. In 1997, Pickford v. Glickman was in the courts. A settlement out of court took place for 400+ plaintiffs, by 1999, more than 18,000 claimants. Shirley Sherrod of recent public notoriety and her ACORN-like New Communities Inc., would receive the biggest slice of the settlement. When the grievences took place (1981-1996), there were never more than 33,000 black farmers in the U.S. The government had expected no more than 4000 claimants which has now turned into 94,000.[3] Clinton appointed Judge Paul Freidman's decision would lay the groundwork for a second settlement. Over $1 billion has been paid in the first round of settlements.

Pigford II

Despite allegations of fraud, records of USDA whistleblowers showing more fraud and FBI officials estimates that the number of fraudulent claims range from 50 percent to 95 percent- Democrats in the 111th Congress made a big push to fund a second settlement. This second round is expected to pay off an additional 70,000 – 80,000 who missed the deadline to file for initial Pigford claims. In December 2010, another billion dollars of taxpayer money will make its way to black farmers and American Indians.[4]


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