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The Pittsburgh Penguins are a professional ice hockey team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Penguins joined the NHL in the 1967 expansion and play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL at home in the Mellon Arena (or the Igloo as it is still known locally). The Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 1990-91 and 1991-92 under the leadership of Mario Lemieux. Lemieux is considered one of the best hockey players in the game, winning many awards, and now is a part owner of the team. The Penguins had not performed well since Lemieux retired and were a small market team so they could not pay for large talent of the NHL. The team even considered relocating to Kansas City. However the Penguins won the 2005 Entry Draft and selected a new star, Sidney Crosby. Pittsburgh's fortunes returned as they made it to the playoffs in 2006-07 and all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2007-08. The next year, the Penguins once again reached the finals and won the Stanley Cup for the 2008-9 season.


Pittsburgh Penguins Roster
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