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For the early American settlement, see Plymouth Colony

Plymouth is a city located in the county of Devon in the South West of the British Isles. It is most famous for its ports and dockyards located within Devonport which have been historically used for commercial shipping and the construction of naval vessels.

Famous people originating from Plymouth

It was from Plymouth that Sir Francis Drake sailed to do battle with the Spanish Armada in 1588, and Plymouth was also the final landfall of the Pilgrim Fathers before they sailed for the New World.

Effect of the Second World War

Due to the cities facilities for the construction and repair of warships, the Nazi Party destroyed much of the city using both Aircraft and Submarines. This has created several problems for the city which have yet to be fully overcome. Firstly the economic output of the city had been much reduced, leaving the dockyard as the sole major income source of the city. As well as this, defenses put in place during the Second World War still restrict shipping. These defenses include landmines placed within the Plymouth Sound to protect the harbors.