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Political Satire

Political satire is the use of humor and sarcasm to mock politics, politicians and government policy.

Early political satire often took the form of editorial cartoons and often editorialized on current events and politicians.

Political satire today

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Political satire has flourished in recent times and is in virtually every type of media: books, television, editorial cartoons, movies, and the Internet. Political satire has the advantage of not only bringing laughter out of seemingly dull proceedings but also showing truth to power; it points out hypocrisy in every level of government.

The Internet has been a breeding ground for all sorts of political satire. While some of it is quite mediocre, some sites such as The Onion are quite professionally done.

Among the most popular political satire is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, with other comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live and MADtv also doing many political sketches.

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