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Political Scrapbook is a left-wing political blog widely known as "Political Crapbook" because it is not renowned for accuracy. It does not subscribe to the Editor's Code of Conduct that guarantees standards of reportage in mainstream newspapers. It specializes in malicious personal attacks, slander and gossip from amateur informants.

It supports the Labour Party, EU membership, unlimited immigration, high taxation and the censorship of views seen as "non politically correct" which are labeled "hate-speech". It is opposed to Christianity yet broadly apologist for Islam, downplays Islamic terrorist attacks, and demonizes conservatives as the "far-right". Instead of rational or factual discussion, it relies on tactics such as accusing opponents of "ranting" or "stirring up hate" while featuring photoshopped pictures of them standing next to Hitler. In March 2018 it carried a picture of Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann photoshopped with a Hitler moustache, a typical juvenile tactic.

It includes a lot of LGBT propaganda and ideology without scrutiny or analysis.

Dubious Tactics

Political Scrapbook conducted a virulent campaign against the political party UKIP. One candidate alleged that it had gone so far as to create and put online a fake blog, using her name and photograph, replicating the format of her original exactly, in order to smear her.[1]

Political Scrapbook is edited by Laurence Durnan,[2] who stated he set the site up "to make life difficult for the right".[3]