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Possession is the state of being inhabited by a demonic spirit. Victims manifest many signs such as agitation, lethargy and paranoia. A good movie to watch on the topic is the Exorcist.

Protestant Christianity usually does not attempt to deal with cases of possession, regarding all occult activity as spiritually unwise. In some cases, Catholic clergy may feel that an exorcism is required, in which the power of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is used to rid the afflicted soul of the demonic presence.

In 1924, Dr. Carl A. Wickland wrote:

Lacking physical bodies through which to carry out earthly propensities many discarnate intelligences are attracted to the magnetic light which emanates from mortals, and, consciously or unconsciously, attach themselves to these magnetic auras, finding an avenue of expression through influencing, obsessing or possessing human beings. Such obtruding spirits influence susceptible sensitives with their thoughts, impart their own emotions to them, weaken their will power and often control their actions, producing great distress, mental confusion and suffering.[1]

Wickland attributed many mental problems to spirit possession, including some cases amnesia:

the cause of amnesia conditions found in certain patients is probably possession by confused spirit intelligences.[1]