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Pravda officially known as Pravda.Ru, in modern times it is the Russian online news source. From 1912 until 1991, the print edition was a publication of the Communist Party. Per their website:

At that time, a very serious split occurred in the editorial office. Over 90 percent of the journalists who had been working for Pravda until the coup d'état of 1991 quit their jobs. They established their own version of the newspaper, which was then closed under government pressure.

These journalists had to take their fight to cyberspace, and the Internet newspaper PRAVDA On-Line was launched in January of 1999, the first Russian newspaper of its kind.

Though the company split print and online editions, they still work together. The newspaper Pravda analyzes events from the point of view of the Party's interests, whereas PRAVDA On-line takes a pro-Russian approach.

In true Russian bravado, the online version being Pro-Russia with a strong view of America as their adversary.

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