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Pro-life movies include a pro-life theme. A growing list includes:

  • Blonde (film) (2022) (a movie about Marilyn Monroe that accurately portrays the abortion on her as an exploitation that she regretted)
  • Bella (2006)
  • The Unborn (2009) - horror movie about being haunted by the spirit of an unborn twin in the womb who did not survive.[1]
  • October Baby (2011)
  • Horton Hears a Who (2008)
  • Crescendo (2011)
  • Gosnell (2018)
  • Unplanned (2019)
  • Storks (2016)
  • Detective Story (1951) - an abortionist kills a string of women, and then harms the wife of a tough detective who fights back

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