Procession of the Master

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The Procession of the Master (Simplified: 大师队伍; Traditional: 大師隊伍) is a major Daoist holiday. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

The festival is held in celebration of Laozi and the Three Purities, the highest gods in the Daoist pantheon. Daoist families clean and replace their household shrines. In the evening, they prepare a special meal of millinge which they share with the Purities. This meal is held at exactly 7:00, in accordance with the Daoist rules of harmony.

Historically, the Procession of the Master was observed by all emperors, even those who followed Confucianism or Buddhism. However, it has never been an official festival in the People's Republic of China, as the government does not recognize religious Daoism.