Pronouns in Japanese

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Japanese uses pronouns rarely, although there are many pronouns in Japanese, varying in degrees of formality. Women are also expected to use more formal pronouns than men.

  • Ware - I, outdated, highly formal
  • Waga - I,outdated, highly formal
  • Watakushi - I, very formal
  • Watashi - I, formal for men, average for women
  • Atashi - I, slightly informal, female use
  • Boku - Informal, male use only
  • Ore - Highly informal, boastful, egotistic, male use only
  • Anata - You, formal
  • Kimi - You, average
  • Kare - He
  • Kanojo - Her
  • Karera - They
  • Atash'itati - We, female
  • Bokutati - We, male
  • Wareware - We

Despite this wide variety of pronouns, Japanese is a pro-drop language where context is usually sufficient to determine who or what you are speaking of.