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Dr. R.L. Wysong has a B.S. in biology and chemistry and a doctorate in veterinary surgery and medicine. At the college level he has taught human anatomy, physiology and origin of life courses. Dr. Wysong is also the author of The Creation-Evolution Controversy which is a comprehensive work dealing with the creation-evolution controversy. Dr. Wysong has practiced veterinary clinical surgery and medicine for over 30 years. In addition, Dr. Wysong has been involved in research and development of surgical, clinical, nutritional, food processing and nutraceutical products with an emphasis on prevention and natural therapeutics and markets these products in addition to other products through the Wysong Corporation.[1]

The work The Creation-Evolution Controversy was written from a young earth creationism perspective and R. H. Brown, Director Geoscience Research Institute, described Dr. Wysong's book as "the best comprehensive treatment of scientific creationism that has become available prior to mid-1977." [2] Currently the work The Creation-Evolution Controversy is in its twelfth printing and is available through Dr. Wysong's company.


  • The Creation-Evolution Controversy, R.L. Wysong. 1976. Inquiry Press (Midland, Michigan),1976. 455 pages. ISBN 978-0-918-112-02-6 (Inquiry Press can be reached at 989-631-0009)[3]

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