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Race to the Top is a federal program that gives taxpayer dollars to blue states[1] (with the exception of Georgia, which Obama sees as a swing state) that comply best with liberal goals, are invariably projected swing states (by the Obama campaign) in 2012 (Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia) or the states are reliably pro Obama with Democratic control of the state . While New Jersey did vote for Obama in 2008, it had to be punished for voting in Chris Christie over Jon Corzine, who later decided he was not content enough with bankrupting an entire state, so he tried to bring down the entire financial system by pilfering MF Global. 4.35 billion dollars in taxpayer money is allocated through this program for states willing to support Obama and sell their local control over education for a few additional bucks.

Conservative-leaning Bret Schundler was sold out and fired as the New Jersey Secretary of Education by Governor Chris Christie for failing to win $400 million in federal grants supposedly due to a clerical error in the application worth a few points in the evaluation. In fact, a larger amount of points was lost for additional reasons outside of Schundler's control.[2] Told to resign, Schundler said he would prefer to be fired and was subsequently highly critical of Christie.

On September 2, 2010, $330 million in funds were awarded to two different coalitions of states for developing new tests for evaluating students.[3]

Several states, typically conservative, have declined to participate in some or all of the Race to the Top program. These states include: Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming.[3]


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