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Randall Terry at the Lesser-Known Presidential Candidates Forum

Randall Terry (born 1959, in New York, New York) is a conservative, Catholic (since 2005) pro-life activist. He is best known for founding the pro-life Operation Rescue in 1987. In 2003, he also founded the Society for Truth and Justice. He is very politically active in a variety of issues, usually in relation to the preservation of human life. He usually fights the practice of abortion, but also resists practices such as euthanasia. For example, he was vocal during the Terri Schiavo case, arguing to allow her to live. He also stands against sodomy/homosexual "marriage", and is grieved that his son does not uphold the same moral beliefs.[1][2] He is also one of the few Democrats who is sincerely pro-life rather than pretending to be so.


In 2005, Terry ran for state senate in the eighth senate district, but lost. He also ran against Barack Obama in the democrat primaries for the 2012 election, but was again unable to win.[3] The same year he additionally ran for Florida's 20th state senate district, but lost to the incumbent Democrat Alcee Hastings, who won by 88%.

Media productions

As a part of Randall Terry's outreach efforts, he has produced several movies. These include:

  • Lake of Fire (2006)[4]
  • Voice of Resistance (2010)[4]
  • 90 Minutes with Alan Keyes (2015)[4]