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Randy Couture is a pioneer of mixed martial arts fighting (MMA) having won championship titles at both the light heavyweight and heavyweight levels, the only person within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization to do so to date, and is one of only four fighters to be put into the UFC hall of fame. While his overall record is not overly dominant, currently 16 wins and 8 losses, he has often fought larger opponents and has shown a remarkable ability to win against champions. Known most for his great wrestling skills, Couture has shown an ability to adapt to the situation to defeat men who looked more formidable.

After winning the light heavyweight title at age 40, Couture was defeated and then lost again in another title shot. Retiring, he came back to fight for the heavyweight title, and won by upset becoming the champion again at age 43. After his improbable and yet commanding victory, Couture said the following:

People say why do you love America so much? It's because of two people: Jesus Christ, who stood up and died for our sins, and the American GI, who stands up and dies for our freedom.[1]

Couture has since had one title defense, a victory at age 44. He, however, was defeated by Brock Lesnar in the second round of their fight at UFC 91.


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