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Research and Analysis Wing

Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) is the external intelligence agency of India.[1] R&AW was established in 1968.[2] R&AW work directly under the Prime Minister of India, and the operations of the organization are kept secret from the Parliament.[1]

R&AW has vast network of agents and anti-government elements within Pakistan.[1][2] R&AW has been accused of involvement in several terrorist activities in Pakistan. In 17 January 2000, a bomb exploded in Karachi which Pakistani authorities alleged to have connections with R&AW.[3]

Illegal activities within the United States

A network of Indian operatives is controlled by the Indian Embassy in Washington DC.[2] The covert operations by the embassy of India are suspected to include the infitration of US long distance telephone carriers by Indian operatives, to blackmail relatives of US residents living in India.[2]

In 1996 an Indian diplomat was sentenced to three months of imprisonment in a scandal over illegal funding of political candidates in the United States.[2] Illegal campaign money went to several candidates of the Democratic Party.[2]


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