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The Restored Church of God is one of several religious entities which split from the Worldwide Church of God (the organization founded by Herbert W. Armstrong) or other similar splinter groups, after Armstrong's death and the WCG's abandonment of Armstrong's heretical views in favor of traditional Christianity. Like the others, it claims to be the true successor to Armstrong's organization.

The RCG was formed in 1999 and is based in Wadsworth, Ohio. David C. Pack is its Pastor General (RCG's term for the church president). Pack was formerly a leader in the Global Church of God (another splinter group from WCG) but was fired in May 1999, after which he founded the organization.

As it holds to the original teachings of Armstrong, which are heretical, RCG is properly classified as a cult. It is notable for its frequent pop-up ads which appear on the Internet, even while looking at articles involving traditional Christianity.