Reveille for Radicals

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Reveille for Radicals
Reveille Alinsky.jpg
Publisher: Vintage Books / Random House
Author Saul Alinsky
Year Published 1946
Language English

Reveille for Radicals (pronounced rev e li) is the first book written by community organizer Saul David Alinsky, in 1946. In the book, Alinsky demonstrates his ability to tell stories and demonstrates how he uses this to move or manipulate people into doing what he wants them to do.

Contrasted with Alinsky's third book Rules for Radicals, Reveille highlights the proper functioning of a community organizer through storytelling, in Alinsky's view.


  • "The Radical is deeply interested in social planning but just as deeply suspicious of and antagonistic to any idea of plans which work from the top down. Democracy to him is working from the bottom up."[1]
  • "'Whose Communists are they - yours or ours?' If they are ours, then we are all for them. If they are yours, obviously we are against them. Communism itself is irrelevant. The issue is whether they are on our side or yours."[2]
  • "A People's Organization is a conflict group. This must be openly and fully recognized. Its sole reason in coming into being is to wage war against all evils which cause suffering and unhappiness. A People's Organization is the banding together of multitudes of men and women to fight for those rights which insure a decent way of life."[3]


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